Guess Who’s Muslim

Tagline: A comedy you might want to miss! Release Date: October 2014 Synopsis: “Guess Who’s Muslim” is an upcoming satrical comedy short film about a young man who converted to Islam without telling his old school parents.  When he finally reveals

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Nightrunner: The Muslim Batman (Fan Film)

What would happen if there was a Muslim Batman? Nightrunner a.k.a Bilal Asselah, “The Batman of France” finds out in this Fan Film Motion Comic. “Nightrunner is a fictional character created by David Hine and Kyle Higgins for publisher DC Comics.

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Dudes With Beards

“Dudes With Beards” is an upcoming Action Comedy about a group of young men who decide to combat negative stereo types and inadvertently cross the wrong group of people. While parodying and paying homage to popular films and media, “Dudes With

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Change Of Heart – Short Film

Tag Line: “A change of heart doesn’t mean a change of past” Plot Summary: “A young newlywed couple is faced with divorce after one of their past’s comes back to haunt them!”  


“Cabbie” Short Film!

“Cabbie” is a new short produced by West Dawn Media, directed by Jonathan Abdilla and starring Matthew Smith and Ahmad Shah. You may remember Ahmad from the MiiM short, and MiiM Gag reel. This short however contains no gag’s as it

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MiiM Short Gag Reel

MiiM Short Gag Reel Continue reading


Napoleon: Life Of An Outlaw Teaser

Napoleon: Life Of An Outlaw feature length Documentary Teaser Trailer.


Loon: From Harlem to The Haram

Loon 2 Amir is a Documentary Short about the transformation of Chauncey Hawkins, better known as Bad Boy Rapper extraordinaire Loon, from a life of discontentment as a Hip Hop star to a life of peace in faith. Continue reading