‘Life of an Outlaw’ Status!

Arabian Press for Napoleon: Life Of An Outlaw“Napoleon: Life of an Outlaw” the feature length Documentary about the life of Mutah Beale, better known as Napoleon, a member of Tupac Shakur’s rap group the Outlawz is now in it’s screening stage of production. The film has screened in five different countries, across 3 continents and numerous cities. The response from the screenings has been overwhelming positive.

For those unaware of the purpose of screenings, or what exactly a screening is, these screenings serve a number of purposes. One of the purposes of these screenings is to see if the film has it’s desired effect on the audience. From the feedback people give after the film, we can asses whither or not anything in the film needs to be changed or added before it’s official release to the public.

Napoleon & Writer/Producer Jonathan AbdillaAnother purpose is to help find a distribution deal for the Documentary. We want this DVD to be as accessible as possible to the masses, and in order to insure that, we need to find a company that specializes in the distribution of DVD’s.

Through these screenings, we also seek to spread the message of Mutah Beale’s incredible story. If you haven’t seen the promotional trailer we produced for this film, be sure to check it out.

We hope for a release of the Documentary in the first quarter of 2011.

If you are interested in organizing a screening in your area, please contact, or visit the official website


3 Responses to: ‘Life of an Outlaw’ Status!

  1. abdullah says:

    masha’Allah can’t wait to see the documentary insha’Allah. Love the trailer. Alhamdullilah

  2. Kemaleddin says:

    esselamualeykum .i am from germany .my english is a little bit .i want to know when the dokumentary come out

  3. Yaz says:

    Any ideas when this dvd will be released? Really want to see it… i am in the UK